Structure is primary.

I'd like to take articles with me. But I don't really care about having one style for everywhere. The "one folder one article" ethos is working out well, at least for now. I actually find that I enjoy eding this just as much as typing things out in a plaintext format.

Now it doesn't work any more, I've commented out attachment to the builder. That means no more live reload until i plug it back in.

Let's do it.

What does this look like? This element is outside the normal flow. But it's still positioned next to the other stuff.

Just remember to create an anchor.

Note that this quickly breaks down if there's too many annotations.

Or does it?

Let's continue writing here! There are no limits! Absolutely no limits! Why even bother with normal document flow! Absolute relative/absolute abuse!

Can we do this in flexbox without terrible nesting, perhaps?

I'm curious.

We've put layers and layers of stuff on top of HTML. Do we need all that stuff? Really? I'm not convinced. Being able to edit the HTML directly can let us to cool stuff. Let's create an annotation row. We need to make space for it first.