A theory of meaning

  1. Have a worthy pursuit
  2. Take care of your friends and family
  3. Stay true to your principles

Now what?


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I actually mean A theory. It's not THE theory. We've constructed theories of meaning for as long as we've had culture. "What am I?" I don't presume to solve that. So, why bother?

Because the pursuit of a theory of meaning might be worthwhile.


About Stay true to your principles. Whose principles? I like to talk about principles. But that's not really the point. The point is the "stay true" part. What does that mean? If you're not staying true, then you'll feel bad. At least I would. And that's the point.

But "listen to your heart" sounds too vague for my taste.



I'm skeptical. This smells too orderly, too simple. Where's the outside influence? Where is the stuff that's not known? Where are the new worthwhile pursuits?



Principle 3. The last one implies that you have good principles :)

Principle 2. What about family? How about "relationships" rather than friends?


I agree that family should be included. "relationships" sounds a bit stiff, though.

Perhaps just Take care of your friends and family?

And the principles, yeah, let's hope they're good, though measuring "good" is hard! 😄


Found a CSS issue:

I'm using absolute positioning to display annotations in the right margin. But I didn't consider overflows I set the background. Though when the screen is small, what should happen? Having it be possible to scroll right is actually not too bad. I would appreciate it if I could avoid destroying the background, though.


Leaving it as-is for now.



It's not worth it to break scrolling - at least not here, now. Hard to make out-of-context annotations that work well on mobile anyway. So - remove the annotations, and make sure that images are sized like they should.


What now?