Aspirational TODO

Articles I want to write. Mechanisms I want to create. Ideas I want to explore.

Article: Theory & narrative

Science builds theory. Culture builds narrative. We need both. I'd like to write a sort of ... exploration for both sides.

Write your own Emacs plugin with transient.

Can I use Magit Transients as a Pacman interface?

Magit's manual is great — see Introduction (magit.vc/manual/transient).

Tooling / system for literate programming

How do I want to put code on here? Is there a nice way to integrate with Clerk?

SCI to be able to abstract over components in a page

It would be handy to be able to abstract over HTML (EDN) on this page. I think sci might work well for just that. Is it enough to simply pipe the whole EDN into sci - before rendering with hiccup?

Option: pipe page through sci interpreter.

Option: custom sci element as function call - hook via multimethod. Seems to be more complex, not clear exactly what the benefit is.

Expose nice opt-in "transform from org-mode" function

How to implement? Function call directly in EDN - like (org "file.org")?

What should the return value be? Should the function simply return data? For plain data, I could use pandoc to transform to JSON. If not plain data - then what? I want to loose document coupling.

Remove `npx live-server` in favor of @borkdude browser scripting

Source: @borkdude on Slack.

Borkdude links to book/watch.clj and babashka/examples/http-server.

Balancing outcome orientation and bottom-up play
GUI for collecting aspirational todos
Annotated Youtube video - enriched with annotations and content

Tailored to the consumption of the video. I was thinking about this when I was watching Joe Armstrong.

I'm thinking that scittle could be a great tool to achieve something like that. EDN preprocessing, then delegate out to a CLJS file.


Something datasets Clojure

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